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Why has indoor coverage been such a buzzword lately?

Why has indoor coverage been such a buzzword lately?

Radiotie 17.1.2017

Wireless telecommunication environment is changing rapidly. Calls are moving from landlines to mobile networks and importance of wireless data transfer grows every year. 80% of speech and data traffic comes from indoors (Axell Wireless). Energy –efficiency has created completely new terminology to the construction business: low energy houses, passive-energy houses, zero-energy houses.

Current construction materials providing energy efficiency contain very often metal. These materials do keep warmth indoors but they also make it more difficult for radio signals to move across (attenuation). Selective window glazing, aluminum foil as part of insulation materials, metal surfaces of the buildings, steel roofing and metal mesh within concrete are also hindrance for the signal. Consumers = we all expect however, that mobile phones keep functioning everywhere as before and different applications utilizing mobile networks keep popping up.

An efficient and cost saving solution for all parties is one common in-building antenna system, a multi-operator antenna network into which all mobile operators will be able to connect their active radio transceivers. In the end all parties win when usage of mobile phones is seamless.

Our offering

Our offering covers all services needed to ensure in-building coverage of mobile phones: measurements, design and supervision of installation work. We do all techniques to any indoor space, consultation and training should your staff need some. From October 2017 we also have been able to offer interference measurements, cabling and antenna quality measurements. In case you need a silent room with absolutely no coverage of any kind, we can help you with that as well.

Our customers:

  • Mobile operators
  • Electricity planners
  • House owners
  • Builders, construction companies, real-estate investors
  • Factories, plants, shipyards

Our capabilities

We know our field thoroughly – and continuously update our knowledge. Radiotie has the required licenses and equipment for measurements and to plan the indoor antenna systems. For measurements we use Enhancell Echo –system with continuous data collection style which enables us to report measurement results directly to the floorplans. Erillisverkot Oy has licensed us to plan Virve-authority network (police, fire department) indoor coverage and we have direct contacts with commercial mobile operator planning personnel. Our experience gives us understanding of the possibilities but also of the pitfalls to avoid when planning indoor coverage. All in all, experience contributes to quality work and the satisfaction of our customers.

When it comes to installation of the antenna network, we recommend our partner Telog Oy. We supervise the outcome and schedule installations to fit the schedule of the overall construction project. This saves money and effort and guarantees correct timing for the in-building coverage.

For more information please call Jouni Pekonen +358 50 66949 or send an e-mail jouni.pekonen [at]