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Radiotie – your indoor coverage supplier

Radiotie – your indoor coverage supplier

Radiotie 24.11.2016

Finnish mobile networks are world class in capacity, coverage and quality. Local network operators offer good coverage for both data transfer and regular calls. As a result of tightening energy efficiency building standards the usage of selective window glass and isolation materials including metal/aluminium has increased. Metal, even a very thin layer, can efficiently block radio signals causing difficulties for mobile phone users. Shipbuilders all over the world have known this for quite some time. Those building offices and houses are now facing the same challenge.

Contact us when you want to ensure network coverage indoors – whether it is a building, factory or a ship you have on the drawing board. We will be happy to plan and measure the needed antenna network, all techniques, all operators plus ensure quality installation through our partner. We also make plans for (indoor) TETRA radio network and combination of any private radio networks your company may want to have to the antenna system. Silent rooms? Just give us a call.


Services in a nutshell

Network coverage measurements indoors and outdoors

Indoor antenna system planning

Interference measurements and analysis


Operator negotiations

Installation and deployment through partners

Training and consultation